Serving Boards


All wood is hand-picked by skilled craftsmen.

From design to carpentry, there is no computer-automation in the process.

Wood shop power tools are all hand-held and guided by eyesight.

Our Story

Handles are drawn by hand to fit the hand.

Asymmetric by design, our serving boards have a life of their own.

While the serving area is squared and proper,

the handle has an “up” and “down” side.

Each handle is unique, cut by skilled hands on a band saw.

Serving Boards

The Wine Angle

Bottled wine is best stored on its side to keep the cork wet and thus the seal closed.

Our wine angles double as food-safe cutting boards.

Save space and showcase the life of the meal.

Wine Angle

The Aaron Yonge Chopping Block is my go to when chopping in the kitchen. It's easy on my knifes and puts up with daily abuse. These boards are a great addition to any kitchen.

Brandon – Cooking Enthusiast

The Serving Board from Aaron Yonge has been an amazing asset in showcasing our cheese and charcuterie menu. The boards are durable, sleek and well crafted. A truly beautiful product that I would highly recommend.

Mallory — Coffee and Wine Bar Owner

Stunning quality and beautiful design. The wood is very robust and looks very high-end.

Adam — Product Designer

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Each board is unique, just like you.

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